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Visiting your older cousins..

Life of a Designer...

When you leave the boys at home..

When Lebron picks his team...

BAM BAM in real life...

Zoo animals be like..

Currly Top Freestyle 2017
XXL Freshman

Rappers Bodyguards Be Like..

Eating Chips Around People..

Record Labels In 2016..

When People Stare At Your Food..

Classrooms in 2016..

Classrooms in 2017..

Fight Breaks Out At Work..

Trying To Sell A Product..

Videographer Problems..

Dad Catches Son Having Sex,,

Being Cool With Your Boss..

Playing Pokemon Go In The Drive-Thru

Fast Food Drive-Thru Problems..

Teacher Calls Black Students Mother..

Designer Struggles Pt.2

Prepare for a Zombie Attack!!!

Shooting a Basketball With A Scrub

Letting A Friend Cut Your Hair

First Time Playing Basketball

Friday Mornings...

Young boy gets crossed and almost breaks his ankle

Taking a sh!t in school..

Columbus Day in A Public School...

Friend Arguing On The Phone.. Pt.2

Staying A Night With Grandparents..

Drunk Friend In Passenger Seat Pt.1

Drunk Friend In Passenger Seat Pt.2

Hoping It's Just A Fart..

Recieving Oral..

When Your In Love..

Friend Arguing On The Phone..


Spoiled Kids Pt.2

Angel & Demons Be Like..

Black Dads Be Like..

Black People Using OnStar*..

When Men Eat Bananas..

Asking Your Girlfriend Whats Wrong..

Trying To Read The Bible..

Sister Has A New Boyfriend..

Random Person Taking Pictures With Your Phone..

Spoiled Kids Pt.1

When People Don't Take You Seriously..

Chinese Restaurants Be Like..

Lazy Cops Be Like..

Scaring A Military Man..

"Thank You For The Support!!!!"
"Instagram Video Gone Wrong"

"Thissssss Guy"

"Turnt Up"


"Cable Problems"

"Lil Brother" Pt. 1

Hoping Its Just A Fart

Crazy Girlfriend Hears Womans Voice..

"Lil Brother" Pt.2

"Smack Cam"

"Falling Asleep In Class"

"Spanish People Be Like"

"Crazy Women"

"Breakups Be Like"

"Children Fighting" White vs Black

"Lil Brother" Pt.3

"Eastern Hospitality"

"New Reports, Suburbs v.s. Inner City"

"Gym Flow"

"Parenting" White vs Black

"Living At Home" Black vs White

"Greedy People Problems"

"Lil Brother" Pt.4

"White People Road Rage"

"Lil Brother" Pt.5

"When Mace Fails"

"Never Do This"

"Ghost In The House" White vs Black

Sleeping On A Blowup Mattress..